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Geopark Ciletuh, Unesco Version of Earth Park that Only Exists in West Java

geopark ciletuh

Geopark Ciletuh – The area of the earth park or Geological Park (Geopark) Ciletuh which is shaped like a horseshoe has an area of 126,100 hectares that intersects with many districts in West Java including Sukabumi.

Ciletuh geopark is also rich in biodiversity both flora and fauna. In addition, there are many diverse attractions ranging from beaches, waterfalls to hilly areas that are all in a protected nature reserve area and become a unit with Geopark Ciletuh.

Ciletuh Geopark area is almost 80 percent of which is in a region that has a highland contour with this horseshoe landscape includes several nature reserves.

Among them; Sukawayana Nature Park, Tangkuban Perahu Nature Reserve, Cikepuh Wildlife Reserve Area. Cibanteng, and Sukawayana.

Geopark International

Ciletuh Geopark is also designated by UNESCO as an international earth park area that only exists in West Java. The determination of this Geopark area also serves as an area with a limited level of exploration that is only used as an environmental conservation area both flora and fauna and educational and cultural tourism areas and world-level research.

Have a Variety of Tourist Attractions

Ciletuh earth park area also has a variety of natural wealth that is very potential as a tourist attraction. Starting from waterfalls, nature reserves, small islands, geological and biological diversity and culture. Here are some of them.


There are at least 8 curugs scattered in various regions that are included in this Ciletuh Geopark area;

Curug Luhur is at a cliff height of more than 100 m. Curug Puncak Jeruk in the ciletuh river flow is very wide and has 2 levels, up and down. Curug Cikaret is located in the flow of the Cikaret River, Mekarjaya.

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Furthermore, there is the Puncak Manik waterfall which is in the Ciletuh river stream that borders the villages of Tamanjaya and Cibenda. This waterfall is located only 600 meters from the middle curug. Curug Awang is located in the ciletuh river stream, Taman Jaya.

This waterfall has a width of 60 meters and a height of about 40 meters. The distinctive feature of this curug is the wall of natural stone is reddish brown.

Curug Sodong is located in ciwaru village and the most within easy reach. Also called penganten curug and twin curug. Curug Cimarinjung is located in Ciemas Village and close to palangpang beach. The waterfall can be directly seen from the entrance of the Ciletuh Geopark area.

Charm of Ciletuh Landscape

Ciletuh geopark also has a landscape of horseshoe-shaped highlands. The shape of the horseshoe is open from the direction of the sea formed due to geological processes. The beauty of this amphitheater can be seen from several points, namely: Mekar Sakti, Panenjoan, Pamoyanan, Cikalapa, Cikara and Girimukti.

Sea Cave

In the Ciletuh Geopark area there are sea caves due to sea waves that attack the weak zone. Sand and rocks from the waves make an additional erosion process in the walls of the cave. In this geopark there are 2 sea caves, namely Kunti cave and Sodong Parat Cave.

Small Island Cluster

There are at least 4 small islands with their own unique attractions around the geopark. The islands are formed due to the process of erosion and abrasion. To get to the island, you need a boat that departs from Palangpang Beach.

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Various Beautiful Beaches

The beach in the Ciletuh Geopark area has a fairly wide coastline, white sand and ramps. Generally some beaches have coral reefs, rocks and ocean waves that endanger boats to land. While some locations are safe for visitors who want to swim or surf such as on the beach of the seven waves.


Geopark Ciletuh has a geyser or Cisolok hot spring that spews steam upwards and there is only one in Indonesia. Water vapor that gushing can reach 2-5 meters. The uniqueness of this geyser is its location on the beach so it does not contain sulfur and high in mineral content that is very good for treating various types of diseases.

Rare Fossils

Part of the Ciletuh Geopark area is part of a geological heritage site. Many rare rocks are ofiolite and metamorphic rocks. The rock is more than 60 million years old. In addition to these two rocks, there are also bancuh rocks and fossil nummulites.

The unique rocks in Ciletuh Geopark formed from deposits 45 million years ago. Rocks that are included as sedimentary rocks of the type of quartz sandstone.

Many visitors associate this stone with the shape of an animal. The shape of the stones include; Komodo Stone, Turtle Stone, Dragon Back Stone, Batik Stone, Toad Stone to Alien stone.

Amenities of Geopark Ciletuh

As a world-level national park area, Geopark Ciletuh has been equipped with various facilities, especially in each area that becomes a tourist attraction. The facility includes main facilities such as musala, toilets and parking areas.

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In addition, there are also lodgings ranging from star hotels to homestays. There are also facilities such as restaurants, food stalls to souvenir centers.

Location of Ciletuh Geopark

For the Sukabumi area, many access can be reached to the Ciletuh Geopark through various tourist attractions in this earth park, including one of them access through Ciwaru Village, Ciemas Subdistrict, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.






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