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Mangunan Pine Forest, Enjoying a Peaceful Atmosphere Among the Piles of Trees

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Mangunan Pine Forest –┬áRows of pine trees were neatly lined with dense leaves as if to shade anyone who was under it from the scorching sun. The beautiful atmosphere, cool and peaceful seemed to make anyone who visited the Mangunan Pine Forest as if they did not want to move from this place.

Mangunan Pine Forest does promise calm, the wind that blows slowly through the density of pine trees makes the air around it feel fresh. There is a sense of tranquility that is difficult to describe when in the Mangunan Pine Forest.

Mangunan Pine Forest is indeed in the area of forest area managed specifically by the Mangunan Forest Management Resort (RPH) with a total area of 500 hectares so it is not surprising that as far as the eye can see only pine forests that line up neatly like troops who are marching and standing guard to repel enemy attacks.

The number of pine trees cultivated in this forest is countless because it has been planted since decades ago. And, actually not only the type of pine trees that are planted but also hazelnut, acacia and mahogany trees although in general most types of pine trees dominate.

Barren Forest

Who would have thought that in the past this forest area was a barren land that could not be planted anything, so that finally the forest manager took the initiative to reforestation and greening through plants that functioned, namely pine, acacia and mahogany including hazelnut plants.

At that time, by cultivating pine trees and acacia, the supply of the needs of craftsmen who usually use pine logs as the main material for making various types of household furniture such as cabinets, chairs to the dining table is always available.

But over time, because of the increasingly lush pine forest, this area is finally designated as a protected forest, and has an important function as a catchment area for clean water supply not only for Bantul Regency but also for yogyakarta.

Made a Tourist Attraction

To maintain its function to continue to be sustainable and anticipate the possibility of forest encroachment, then this pine forest is then used as a tourist attraction that later became very famous as it is today.

Amenities of Pine Forest

After successfully restoring the function of the forest and making it a tourist attraction, RPH as the manager of the pine forest then cooperated with the surrounding residents to build supporting facilities such as toilets, mushola, viewing substations that were all made by relying on pine wood so that it seemed natural and environmentally friendly and much different when compared to tourist attractions in general.

Forest Management Resort and residents do want to keep the naturalness of this area while inviting tourists who visit this pine forest to learn to appreciate the environment.

Visiting this place is indeed the right choice to refresh the mind and calm the heart for anyone, as well as for lovers, this place can be the most romantic place of other places in Yogyakarta.

Pine Wood Stage

In this pine forest there is a very striking spot that is an open stage with a semicircular shape consisting of a rectangular stage in the shape of a large square with a floor that all uses pine wood as the main material.

Not only that, the audience seats are also specially made with intact pine logs that form a semicircle and face the main stage to present an artistic and natural feel.

This pine wood stage is often used as a staging place, especially poetry readings and essay readings from famous artists in Yogyakarta who make this pine forest as the main background.

Cold air

Mangunan Pine Forest is highly recommended to visit in the morning because this place will provide the perfect view because when it is a fog of dew that falls between the trees will make the atmosphere feel calm and peaceful.

Relax in Hammock

There is also a hamock specially provided for visitors to relax on a hammock tied between the two trees while enjoying the coolness of the air around the Mangunan pine forest.

Bengkung Springs

In the interior of the Mangunan pine forest there is also a spring that is said to be referred to as the hermitage of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma who is the King of the Kingdom of Mataram.

The place is beautiful and quiet making the atmosphere around the Bengkung spring feel comfortable, there is a cottage that is old enough because it was built in 1925 during the Dutch colonial period.

To get to the Bengkung spring has also been provided a path that is also equipped with an information board that will bring visitors to the Bengkung spring that has very clear and fresh water.

Admission ticket and visiting hours

To enter this Mangunan pine forest area, visitors are only charged an entrance ticket of (IDR) Rp. 3 thousand per person. While the visiting hours take place every day from 08:30 until the afternoon.

Location of Mangunan Pine Forest

This Pine Forest is located in Mangunan Village, Dlingo Subdistrict, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

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