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Krakal Beach, a Beach that Emerges from The Seabed

krakal beach

The beauty of Krakal Beach is indeed worthy of being used as one of the tourism icons in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province. With the contours of the beach that tends to slop and the existence of a large rock that looks like a trail that stretches above sea level makes this beach is in high demand by tourists.

Therefore, it is not surprising that every holiday or weekend of Krakal Beach is always crowded by visitors from various regions to foreign tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Krakal beach.

Uniqueness of Krakal Beach

A number of researchers say that the existence of Krakal Beach occurs due to negative epirogenesa processes or the movement of the earth’s base that causes the rise of the earth’s surface layer. This process took place hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

Krakal Beach is said to be originally the seabed that was lifted upwards until it finally became the beach as it is today. One indicator if this beach used to be the seabed is indicated by the presence of two large rocks that were originally on the seabed.

The existence of this large rock also limits sea level and beaches so as to produce a charming and beautiful beach landscape and different from other beaches in Gunung Kidul regency.

Climbing the Rock Peak

The way to enjoy the beauty of Krakal Beach is to climb the top of a large rock right in the middle of Krakal Beach. From here visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of two sights at once in the form of a vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the beauty of Krakal Beach with a variety of contrasting colors.

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Take it easy, the beach manager has made a special path so that visitors can climb this coral cliff so that it is safe for anyone, besides that at the top of this reef also the field is relatively flat so that many activities can be done when on top of this coral cliff.


Not only that, at Krakal Beach, visitors can also play surfing without having to worry about rolling big waves or even hitting coral, because this beach is very friendly for various water rides including surfing.


The clear sea water at Krakal Beach can also be used as a snorkeling spot to enjoy various beauty of marine life such as coral reefs of various colors and sizes, to a variety of ornamental fish that swim among seaweed that is guaranteed to make anyone fascinated to see it.


The activity of relaxing on krakal beach is also one of the most desirable things by tourists to visit this beach, because the atmosphere is still natural with fresh air typical of the coastal area makes anyone who is here feel at home for a long time while enjoying its exotic natural scenery.
Gazebo made of attractive wood can also be used as a place to relax while enjoying the fresh air of Krakal beach together with family.

Playing Sand Beach

Krakal beach sand is also often used as a spot for children to play beach sand such as making sandcastles or running around the beach with this soft and warm sand.

Photo Spot

The beautiful beach environment and the strong waves of Krakal beach are also ideal spots for selfies by taking a beautiful view of Krakal beach that is occasionally affected by the high waves when arriving at the beach.

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There are a number of gazebos that right overlook the high seas that can be a place by visitors as a place to enjoy the beauty of Krakal Beach as well as being the best selfie spot on Krakal Beach.

Not infrequently also this beach becomes a hunting place for professional photographers who often make Krakal beach as a place for taking prawedding photos against the backdrop of a stretch of beach.

Enjoying Sunrise

Many visitors who come to this beach in the morning to enjoy the sunrise that appears around the beach so as to present a warm atmosphere especially when the sun rays penetrate between the trees will provide an exotic scenery.

Similarly, in the afternoon, the charming sunset scenery with an orange sky as if to help deliver the sun back to the contest with an increasingly romantic atmosphere.

The beauty of sunset and sunrise will be even more exotic when viewed from the top of giant coral rocks on Krakal Beach.

Enjoying Speciality Cuisine

Around the coast of Krakal, many residents who peddle special confectionery in the form of special dishes made from delicious and fresh sea catches because it is processed directly from the catch of fishermen who have just returned from sea.

Most of the fishermen’s catch around this beach is indeed more intended for food for tourists who visit Krakal Beach because it is one of the economic sources of residents in krakal beach who work as fishermen.

Amenities of Krakal Beach

As a tourist attraction that is already famous and becomes a destination that adorns many social media pages making this place is equipped with a variety of relatively complete facilities.
The facilities include musala, toilets, rinse rooms, large parking areas that can accommodate various types of vehicles.

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Entrance Rates and Visiting Hours

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Krakal Beach, tourists simply pay an entrance ticket of (IDR) Rp. 5 thousand with a parking fee of (IDR) Rp. 2 thousand for motorcycles and (IDR) Rp. 5 thousand for four-wheeled vehicles.

While the visiting hours imposed by the manager, starting from 06.00 am to 18.00 pm. This is done because many visitors who choose to visit krakal beach attractions in the morning in addition to enjoying the sunrise also while soaking in the healthy beach waters.

How to Get to Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach is located in Ngastiharjo Village, Tanjungsari Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta province, Indonesia or about 65 kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta City.

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