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Sekar Langit Waterfall, The Legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan

sekar langit

Flanked by Mount Merbabu with a typical mountain atmosphere makes this waterfall is still very natural with cool air. Not only that, in this waterfall the legend of Jaka Tarub who stole the scarf of Nawang Wulan one of the angel kayangan who was bathing in sekar langit waterfall.

The beauty of this waterfall has even been seen when visitors want to go to the waterfall by walking down the stone stairs between the green bamboo rerumpunan and neatly lined on both sides of the stairs that are able to present a natural impression.

When getting closer to the waterfall, in addition to the sound of the rush of water falling to the surface, there is also a colorful iron bridge or known as the asmara bridge is also no less beautiful presenting a view in the form of sekar Langit waterfall flow that flows in both cliff wall cracks.

Legend of Jaka Tarub

Sekar Langit Waterfall became the starting place of the legend of a powerful swordsman named Jaka Tarub who peeked and stole one of the scarves of the kayangan angel who was bathing in the waterfall pool.

The angel’s scarf has the power and magic to be able to fly to kayangan. So when the scarf is stolen, then one of the angels can not go home to kayangan.

His angel’s name is Nawangwulan. In the end the angel lived and married Jaka Tarub.

In addition to the very legendary story, many beauty and activities are offered when tourists visit this Sekar Langit waterfall;

Enjoying Sunrise

In the morning, sunlight that breaks between the trees then entering the location of the waterfall will give a very dramatic sun light effect with its glowing and warm light making the place seem beautiful.

Playing water

The clear and clean water that flows between the rocks can also provide a pleasant atmosphere, especially when soaking around the waterfall while enjoying the beauty of nature.


Visitors can also swim in the pool under sekar langit waterfall like a flock of angels in the legend of Jaka Tarub with fresh and clear water as well as shallow which is very pleasant.

Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere

This waterfall also presents a still natural scenery and maintained its beauty by the locals therefore even though in the dry season the water supply in this waterfall as if it never recedes.

The natural atmosphere with a variety of typical forest plants increasingly makes the typical atmosphere of the landscape of the hills that tend to tower high so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of Mount Merbabu directly.

Photo Spot

Sekar Langit Waterfall also offers many locations to serve as a spot for beautiful selfies ranging from the colorful Asmara Bridge, the surface of the pool with clear water and flowing calmly to the beautiful waterfall sekar Langit towering towering flanked by the beauty of the magnificent walls of Mount Merbabu.

Many photographers also make this location as a place for prawedding objects for couples who want to get married, because it has a beautiful waterfall background with a water flow that is not heavy so as to give the impression of a romantic photo for couples.

People’s Hospitality

Residents who live around this waterfall attraction is also famous for its hospitality, so visitors can interact and learn various cultures and local wisdom of the local area which is still a beautiful rural area. Or even hear directly how the legend of Jaka Tarub is still very believed by the surrounding residents.

Amenities of Sekar Langit Waterfall

Sekar Langit waterfall attractions are equipped with various facilities made senateural possible to be more environmentally friendly, although the location is at the foot of Mount Merbabu but the facilities are very complete such as musala, toilets to adequate parking areas.

In addition, the food stalls at the foot of this mountain are also arranged so that it looks neat and clean with simple dishes that are delicious to eat especially after bathing in Sekar Langit waterfall.

Entrance Rates and Visiting Hours

Sekar Langit waterfall attraction only imposes an entrance rate of (IDR) Rp. 5 thousand to its visitors. Meanwhile, if visitors bring a vehicle will be charged an additional parking rate of (IDR) Rp. 2 thousand for motorcycles and (IDR) Rp. 5 thousand for cars.

Because of the many teenagers who enjoy this waterfall since the morning to enjoy the freshness of the water, the manager began to open this area from 06.00 am to 17.00 pm every day especially when on holiday weekend.

How to get to Sekar Langit Waterfall

Sekar Langit Waterfall natural attractions are located in Telogorejo Village, Grabag Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia.


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