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Ketep Pass, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Magelang City

ketep pass

Ketep Pass becomes the most beautiful and romantic tourist spot in Magelang, Central Java. Enjoying the beauty of the panorama of the mountains with its cool air and natural atmosphere will make anyone who is here feel peaceful and calm.

Ketep Pass is at the top of a Sawangan hill adjoining two large mountains, namely Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. In addition to the beautiful scenery in this tourist spot, visitors can also enjoy a variety of interesting culinary dishes.

Cold air typical of mountain air with the level of forest vegetation in the form of trees that are still tight and the melodious sound of birdsong that makes the trees around Ketep Pass as a habitat increasingly complements the atmosphere presented in this tourist attraction.

Strawberry Agrotourism

Not only offers the beauty of the natural panorama, in Ketep Pass there is also an agrotourism area of strawberry fruit plants. Here, tourists can enjoy and pick directly the ripe strawberry fruits with a refreshing taste.

In addition, visitors can also learn how to cultivate strawberry fruit plants including buying strawberries directly to be cultivated at home.

Viewing Substation

In this tourist attraction is also built viewing substations with various unique shapes for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu from a distance especially will look very exotic when these two mountains are shrouded in fog.

Museum of Volcanology

For visitors who want to know the enormity of the eruption of Mount Merapi to learn about the history of mountains and the types of eruptions and effects of eruptions of Mount Merapi, in Ketep Pass there is also a volcanology museum that has very complete documentation ranging from the first eruption of Mount Merapi to the impact of the eruption caused to the community.


Binoculars are actually used to monitor the volcanic activity of Mount Merapi, but along with its development, these binoculars can also be enjoyed by tourists who want to see firsthand the condition of Mount Merapi after the eruption.

Culinary Offerings

In the soothing Ketep Pass area, there are also many traders who sell special confectionery as friends enjoy the beauty of Ketep Pass, various light menus such as grilled corn and coffee are sold at low prices in this area.

Ketep Pass in Sawangan Magelang Central Java is located in ketep village, Sawangan Subdistrict, Magelang Regency

This location is on the edge of the Solo-Selo-Borobudur line. If accessed from Solo then you have to pass the direction of Boyolali City, then towards Magelang hammering the Selo line. Before arriving magelang later there will be a signpost in the direction of ketep pass tourism.

Beauty of Mountain Landscaping

In Ketep Pass a row of mountains namely Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu towering with dashing to be the final scenic boundary of Ketep Pass.

In addition to enjoying the typical scenery of the hills such as the Bogor Peak area, there are several other activities that are no less fun when visiting Ketep Pass.

Relax in Hammock

While enjoying the cool hill air, visitors can relax in the hammocks that have been provided by the manager. By late afternoon, there are usually many visitors who relax in the hammock while waiting for sunset.

Enjoying the Sunset

Every 4:00 a.m., this area will always be crowded with visitors who are looking for the right place to enjoy the sunset on the western horizon with orange light that adorns the sky around Ketep Pass that is able to provide a shahdu atmosphere as well as romantic for anyone.

Hunting Photo Spots

Many visitors also make this area as a spot to hunt for photos, especially from the community of photography lovers who compete to present cool photos set in Ketep Pass and the panorama that becomes its characteristic.

Glamping Camping Ground

How to enjoy the beauty of the hills with the term glamour camping (glamping) is now a trend, especially among teenagers by holding luxury tents with a capacity of up to 6 people to enjoy the atmosphere at Ketep Pass.

If you do not want to bother bringing tents, visitors can rent special tents that have been provided by the manager around Ketep Pass.

Many visitors say that the glamping location in Ketep Pass is the most beautiful compared to other attractions, because the hilly area has the right spot to enjoy various beauties while relaxing.


For those who visit Ketep Pass with office friends can also try outbound facilities that are fairly complete in this Ketep Pass, various special rides supporting outbound activities are also available here.

Nightly Atmosphere in Ketep Pass

Being at Ketep Pass at night is also able to bring a peaceful and calm atmosphere with cold air, visitors can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or enjoy grilled corn offered with various flavors.

Amenities of Ketep Pass

As a tourist attraction that is currently quite in demand, especially by these teenagers, the Ketep Pass area has been equipped with various facilities ranging from musala, toilets to large parking areas.

Not only that, there are also lodgings to souvenir shops that sell a variety of handicrafts and T-shirts at low prices.

Entrance Rates and Visiting Hours

The entrance rate imposed to be able to enjoy the beauty of ketep pass is (IDR) Rp. 10 thousand per person this rate does not include fees such as if visitors want to visit the volcanology museum which will be charged additional fees, then plus a parking fee of (IDR) Rp. 3 thousand for motorcycles and (IDR) Rp. 5 thousand for four-wheeled vehicles.

As for the visiting hours, there is no special time limit to be able to enjoy the beauty of this Ketep Pass every day, so that tourists are free to come anytime including at night.

How to Get to Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass is located at the top of Sawangan hill in Ketep Village, Subdistrict Sawangan, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia.





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