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Explore the Beauty of Mount Halimun Salak National Park

Mount Halimun Salak

Mount Halimun Salak is a mountainous area that stretches across three districts, namely; Sukabumi, Bogor in West Java and Lebak Regency, Banten. This conservation area of 113,357 hectares is one of the largest national parks in West Java.

The unique topography makes the appearance of nature in Mount Halimun Salak National Park very varied. Not surprisingly, this national park has many tourist attractions. Not only natural tourism, this conservation area also offers cultural tourism to the research area.

Many interesting photo spots, including natural attractions that offer beautiful natural scenery in the hills to various other interesting activities such as mountain climbing or camping.

Some of the tourist areas in the Halimun Salak Mountains, including;

Stone Mountain

Mount Batu becomes the most friendly place for beginner climbers. The mountain with a height of up to 857 meters above sea level has a contour in the form of rocks that are slightly steep with climbing distances taking about 60 minutes.

Although it has the contours of rocks, but the climbers can still enjoy a variety of beauty ranging from the vegetation of forest trees that are still tight, savanna grasslands and typical views of heights by presenting various landscaping ranging from the top of the mountains in the Halimun Salak Mountains area and the landscape of residents’ settlements and rice field.

Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka is located in the middle of the pine forest of Mount Halimun Salak National Park Area, curug which is at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level has a cool and lush air. Its location is easy to reach, adding to the appeal of this Jackfruit Curug in addition to various activities to play water on the surface of the pool under curug Nangka whose water is still very clean and feels refreshing.

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Nirmala Tea Garden

In addition to mountains and waterfalls, Mount Halimun-Salak National Park is also equipped with thousands of hectares of plantation land, especially tea gardens. Nirmala Tea Garden, one of them. Stretching an area of 997 hectares, this plantation presents many tourist activities that can be done.

Starting from the teawalk or walking in the middle of the tea garden, cycling, taking pictures to sipping delicious steeping of tea directly plucked from the garden. In addition, visitors can also interact directly with tea farmers in this area such as joining together to harvest tea leaves.

Cikaniki Research Station

Cinaniki Research Station which is also often referred to as the natural laboratory is a place to monitor and research endemic animals that are almost extinct. Located in the Citalahab Village area, this station offers many tourist activities.

In addition to trekking, animal lovers can enjoy the excitement of birdwatching through a telescope at Cikaniki Research Station. Not only that, visitors can also observe the animals directly from a height of 25 meters through the Tajuk Bridge or Canopy Trail.

Indigenous Village

In contrast to conservation areas in general, Mount Halimun Salak National Park is enriched with its cultural tourism potential. There are about 7 indigenous villages located in this national park area, such as Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, Kasepuhan Sirnaresmi, Ciptamulya Customary Village, Cicarucub and Cisungsang Village, Kasepuhan Citorek, and Urug Customary Village.

The seven customary villages are incorporated in the unity of The Banten Kidul Kasepuhan and still hold tight to their cultural customs and customs.

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Amenities of Mount Halimun Salak

The facilities available in each tourist attraction in Mount Halimun Salak national park are also relatively complete, especially in some existing attractions, ranging from musala, toilets, parking areas to lodging that is very adequate for tourists.

Entrance Rates and Visiting Hours

The entrance rate set in each tourist attraction located in the area of Mount Halimun Salak is generally different, but the rate remains affordable and is in the range of (IDR) Rp. 15 thousand to (IDR) Rp. 20 thousand per tourist attraction.

Visiting hours are imposed from 06.00 am to 17.00 pm every day, this visit time restriction considering that the national park area is still lacking lighting because to maintain the sustainability of the ecosystem in mount Halimun Salak national park.

How to Get to Mount Halimun Salak

For tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Halimun Salak national park from sukabumi direction, the entrance is on Jalan Raya Cipanas, Malasari Village, Kabandungan District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Indonesia

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