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The Charm of Kedung Kayang, Natural and Clean Waterfall

Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Located on a hill that is at an altitude of 1,200 Mdpl, Kedung Kayang Waterfall offers a beautiful charm and is very rarely found in most other waterfall attractions.

The waterfall which has a height of about 40 meters is also one of the highest waterfalls in Central Java by offering many activities when visiting this waterfall, ranging from swimming to its natural atmosphere that is still natural.

The large mountain rocks that decorate around the waterfall further add to the beauty of this tourist attraction that will make anyone who is in this waterfall feel.

Myth of Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Kedung Kayang Waterfall in Javanese means waterfall that comes from the sky that falls to the earth’s surface. This is based on the shape of the waterfall that at first glance looks like it actually fell from the sky because of its high location.

In addition, there are also myths about the existence of Kedung Kayang Waterfall which is by nearby residents whose springs come from egg fragments.


The road to Kedung Kayang Waterfall by using a vehicle that only reaches the parking area on the hillside does require all visitors of this tourist attraction to walk or trekking up the ridge. But calm, even though you have to climb, the path crossed is relatively safe because the stairs have been made.

While walking to the waterfall, visitors will also be presented with natural beauty in the form of landscape hills and charming settlements.

Plus the atmosphere around the location that is still natural with shade of trees provides cool air as well as fresh.

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There are two trekking options that can be enjoyed by tourists at once, namely;

The Road to the Bottom of the Waterfall

The road to the bottom of the waterfall presents the same beauty with a thick level of forest density with a variety of diverse plant vegetation can be a friend during trekking to the bottom of the waterfall.

After arriving, it is guaranteed that fatigue will pay off with the beauty of the waterfall and fresh and clean water that can be used for soaking or swimming.

Trekking up The Waterfall

Satisfied to play water, while walking home, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the peak of the waterfall with its calm flow of water flowing between the black river rocks will be a very calming sight.

Occasionally the sound of birds chirping from the direction of the trees can also be a separate entertainment to be more united and enjoy this natural panorama that is still very natural and awake.

Viewing Substation

There is also a spot in the form of a viewing substation to enjoy the beautiful expanse of the hills including mount Merapi towering, the expanse of rice fields to the settlement of residents who can also be used as a selfie spot with the landscape of beautiful hills.

Other activities that can be done while in this waterfall are;

Enjoying The Natural Atmosphere

This waterfall also presents a still natural scenery and maintained its beauty by the locals therefore even though in the dry season the water supply in this waterfall as if it never recedes.

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The natural atmosphere with a variety of typical forest plants increasingly makes the typical atmosphere of the landscape of the hills that tend to tower high so that visitors can enjoy a row of beautiful hills.

Photo Spot

Many photographers and the photography community also make this location as a charming photo spot because it has a beautiful waterfall background with a water flow that is not heavy so as to give the impression of stunning environmentally themed photos.

People’s Hospitality

Residents who live around this waterfall attraction is also famous for its hospitality, so visitors can interact and learn various cultures and local wisdom of the local area which is still a beautiful rural area.

Entrance Rates and Visiting Hours

Kedung Kayang waterfall attraction only imposes an entrance rate of IDR 5000 to its visitors. Meanwhile, if visitors bring a vehicle will be charged an additional parking rate of IDR 2.000 for motorcycles and IDR 5.000 for cars.

Because of the many teenagers who enjoy this waterfall since the morning to enjoy the freshness of the water, the manager began to open this area from 06.00 am to 17.00 pm every day especially when on holiday weekend.

Amenities of Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Facilities in Kedung Kayang tourist attractions are relatively complete such as toilets, food stalls to large parking areas. It’s just that the facility is in the foothills or not near the location of the tourist attraction directly. So, visitors who do not bring food can buy a variety of confectionery and drinks at affordable prices before starting trekking to the waterfall.

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Location of Kedung Kayang Waterfall

The location of Kedung Kayang waterfall is in Wonolelo Village, Sawangan Subdistrict, Magelang Regency or about 34 kilometers from the center of Magelang city, Center of Java, Indonesia.






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